Visit the site of the world's worst ever nuclear disaster.

On 26th April 1986, reactor number 4 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded, killing many people at the plant and led to massive radioactive fallout (thirty to forty times the amount released at Hiroshima). The fallout spread over a massive geographical area, killing and harming thousands more in the following years.

Now, three decades later, the levels of radioactivity have dropped to safe levels and the Ukrainian government are now allowing groups into the area on organised tours.

Below is our most popular option, a full day Chernobyl tour as well as 2 nights in a hotel in Kiev.
For those taking just the Chernobyl tour without accommodation, you will just meet on the day of the tour at 8.15.


Stay overnight in Chernobyl!

We also arrange two day tours of the exclusion zone, including an overnight stay in the Chernobyl hotel with all meals included (cooked with food brought from outside the zone!).

Our upcoming group dates are:


2-day Tour dates Tour name Price
26-27 October 2019 Duga 3, Prypyat and Chernobyl tour TOUR FULL!
2-3. May 2020 Duga3, Prypyat and Chernobyl tour TOUR FULL!
22-23. Aug. 2020 Duga3, Prypyat and Chernobyl tour 399€
24-25. Oct. 2020 Duga3, Prypyat and Chernobyl tour 399€



We can add airport transfers and accommodation in Kiev on request.

We can also arrange private overnight stays in the zone. Please email us for current prices.



The price to join a one day group tour is 149€ per person.

This is inclusive of all permits, insurance, transport, guides and meals. We run these tours almost every day of the year. Please email us with your preferred day of departure and we will advise you of availability.

For a one day group tour which includes two nights in Kiev and airport transfers the price is 269€*. For three nights it will be 299€*.

To stay in a 3 star hotel it will be 249€* for two nights or 285€* for three nights. The price also includes airport transfers and the Chernobyl day tour.

*per person and based on two sharing. If travelling alone please add 45€ per night for hotel. 



- English speaking guidance only!

- For extra nights accommodation in Kiev please add 45€ per night for a hotel.

- Full Kiev weekend package prices are per person, based on 2 sharing. Please add 45€ per night in a hotel.

- Please allow at least 8 working days before your planned departure to allow us enough time to process your permits. If less than this then there will be a late permit fee surcharge

- Please note that you will have slightly less time on the bigger sized group tours due to a more lengthy process at the exclusion zone checkpoints. Group sizes are small in Winter but larger in Summer.

- The zone is a restricted area and as a result we cannot give 100% guarantees on the tours taking place.

- In summer 2011, the zone was suddenly closed by the government causing all tours to be cancelled. All government issues are now resolved and we don't expect the zone to close again but if it ever does then we will give 100% tour refunds.

*Please note we require a minimum of 8 working days to process permits for the zone. If less than 8 days then we are sometimes able to apply for a late permit for an additional £10-£30 (depending how close to the date).

*As of the 12th April 2012 there is officially no longer access to the inside of buildings on the tours. However, we are generally able to go inside some of the buildings on the majority of the tours (dependent on military presence on the day!)


Arrive at the airport to be met by our guide who will transfer you to your hotel right in the centre of Kiev. Spend the afternoon and evening at your leisure, taking in the sites of Kiev and visiting some of the city's many restaurants and bars.

The following morning you will meet in Independence Square at 8.15. Our representative will check your passport details before you board the minibus. Along the way we will play a video explaining the background to Chernobyl with some haunting footage filmed at the time of the accident.

Over 100km later we enter Dytyatky (on the border of the 30km Exclusion zone) and undergo document checks by the military. You will also meet your government appointed guide for the day here.

We drive onwards to Chernobyl and meet with the management of the Chernobyl Interinform Agency to give us a rundown of the days events and history of the site at the museum.

On the way we will stop in Kopachi village to walk around the abandoned kindergarten.

We then head towards the Power Plant, passing the 10km border and check point.

We view the abandoned building work of the unfinished 5th and 6th reactors and cooling towers and pass the monument to the firemen that lost their lives following the disaster.

We soon later reach reactor number 4 and are allowed photograph opportunities for a short time at a distance of 100m.

We then drive through the Red Forest and onto visit the dead town of Prypyat, the town which housed the workers of the power plant and their families.

Walk around the main town square and view the town hall and theatre. Walk further around the town and see the swimming pool and afterwards the school where you can view leftover books, half marked registers and toys left behind.

Visit the fairground that was due to open days after the disaster and view the famous Ferris wheel.

We then walk around more of the city, past apartment blocks and the Prypyat Hotel.

Afterwards we return to Chernobyl Scientific centre to view the physical and radiochemical laboratories before being served a three course lunch.

Finally we drive back to Dytyatky Control Point to measure our radiation levels before exiting and returning to Kiev for around 6pm.

Return to your accommodation and spend the evening at your leisure again before being picked up the following day by our guide who will transfer you to the airport for your flight back home.

We can add as many extra days' stay as you wish on request.


Flights are not included with the Chernobyl tour, however we can help you to book them for budget prices on request.

We also offer overnight stays which allow extra time around Chernobyl and a full days sightseeing in Prypyat. Accommodation is provided in the Chernobyl hotel with all meals provided. You are welcome to choose your own itinerary of areas you would most like to visit.

What does the price include?
The price includes travel to Chernobyl, an English speaking guide, permit to enter the exclusion zone, tour around Prypyat and a 3 course meal on the general tour. The tour upgrade also includes flight transfers and 2 nights accommodation in the centre of Kiev. The overnight Chernobyl tour includes accommodation in the Chernobyl hotel as well as supper and breakfast.

What does the price not include?
The price does not include flights, trains to Ukraine. Insurance and visas (if needed) are also not included. Please email us for further details.

Can I take photographs?
Photographs are allowed within the exclusion zone and around Prypyat. The only areas that photos are not advised are of soldiers at the border checks.

Is Chernobyl safe?
The levels of radiation, even though higher than normal levels are now considered safe. You will be exposed to no more radiation than on a Transatlantic flight or undergoing an X-Ray.

Why visit Chernobyl?
People have many different reasons for visiting Chernobyl. From scientists and ex residents of the area through to photographers and people simply interested in learning about the disaster. Whatever your reasons may be, please remember the devastation that the accident caused and is still causing today. We advise you to visit the Chernobyl museum in Kiev prior to your trip to fully appreciate the extent of the horrors caused by the explosion.

How long is the tour?
We arrive at Chernobyl around 11am and leave at approximately 4pm. Those travelling in larger groups will have slightly less time as the bigger the group, the longer it will take to pass through the checkpoints.

Is Chernobyl featured in Call Of Duty 4?
Yes, the town of Prypyat is featured in the computer game Call Of Duty 4. Many gamers, mainly due to their age were unaware of the Chernobyl accident and have been surprised to learn that one of the levels of the COD game is actually a real place designed exactly to scale of Prypyat itself.

Are there any age restrictions on entering the zone?
Unfortunately there is a minimum age limit of 18 set by the Ukrainian government.