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Join us as we visit Mauritania, a land of desert and beautiful coasts!

Located in northwest Africa, Mauritania is one of Africa's largest countries mostly consumed by the great Sahara Desert but also lies on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean with stunning beaches.

On our tour we will watch as the fishermen arrive at the Port de Peche in Nouakchott, explore the incredible Eye of the Sahara, believed by some to be the location of Atlantis and for the brave, take the overnight Iron Ore Train through the Sahara Desert! If the Iron Ore Train is not for you, then you can spend the night camping at the base of Africa's largest monolith at Ben Amera.

error_outline Security Warning

Please note that although we only run tours to areas we feel we can keep our clients safe, the British FCO advises against all travel to parts of Mauritania that we will visit and all but essential travel to the other areas we travel to.

We research the security of our destinations highly and safety is a priority for us, however, we advise you to do your own research as well to ensure you are comfortable with your trip.

Please note these travel warnings may also affect travel insurance for these regions, please contact us for advice on this.

One tour with the iron ore train with limited numbers and another tour without the train, replaced by camping.

Both Mauritania and Western Sahara have visa on arrival for most nationalities.

Please note the iron ore train does not run to a schedule so a lot of waiting can be required for the trains arrival.

Our tours are priced at 1695EUR for the standard tour and 1945EUR for the iron ore tour. Rooms are on a twin basis.

Single supplement 350EUR.

Deposit for this tour is priced at 500EUR.

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