Who are we?

Special-destinations.com is the Hungarian speaking part of Lupine Travel tour operator established in 2008 specialising in unique destinations and travel ideas but bringing them to you at affordable prices.

We specialise in North Korea, Trans Mongolian, Chernobyl, Iran, Iraq, Somaliland and Turkmenistan tours. 

We do not compromise on quality; we use accommodation and guides that we know and trust and have a great working relationship with.

Our clients are made up of a huge spectrum of society, from young to old and from countries all over the world. All with one thing in common - a passion for exploring all corners of the globe!

North Korea

North Korea has rapidly become our most popular destination.

We arrange regular group North Korea tours most months of the year which take in everything from the Arirang 'Mass Games' festival through to the annual North Korean Open Golf Tournament.

We also arrange individual private North Korea tours at any other time throughout the year.

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Our Kiev tours offer everything from one to six day tours of Chernobyl through to shooting tours and military vehicle driving trips which include the option to drive not only tanks but also a nuclear missile transporter!

We offer just the tours on their own or full packages including private apartment accommodation right in the centre of Kiev.

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Visit one of the worlds most unexplored countries. Turkmenistan, in Central Asia remains largely off the tourist trail, but with more of the country now opening up the chance is now available to be one of the first Turkmenistan tourist pioneers!

Turkmenistan has so much to offer. Ancient archaeological sites, the lunar landscape of the Karakum Desert, mountainous regions with exotic flora and fauna, ultra modern Ashgabat with its incredible architecture, the magnificent site of the flaming gas crater at Darvaza and much more.

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Iran is one of the world's most intriguing countries.
Regularly portrayed in a negative light by parts of the Western media, in truth it is a country full of history, culture and packed full of warm, friendly people who will leave a strong impression on you long after you've left the country.

We offer all kinds of tailored itineraries but our main tour is 8 days and takes in all the countries major highlights.

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Iraqi Kurdistan

Kurdish Iraq is also known as the 'other Iraq'. Whilst Southern Iraq has seen the country descend into chaos and bloodshed since the 2003 War, Kurdish Iraq has flourished with massive economic development and a burgeoning tourist industry.

Suffering for decades under previous regimes, the Kurds in Iraq now have an increasing amount of freedom and autonomy in Iraq and are extremely welcoming to tourists.

The Kurdish region also has some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole of the Middle East with huge canyons, beautiful mountains and flowing rivers and waterfalls. The region has long been known in Middle Eastern literature as 'paradise on earth'.

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Somaliland / Ethiopia

Somaliland is an autonomous region of Somalia, declaring it's independence following the civil war of the 1980's. The Somaliland people are now fighting for their state to be fully recognised by the international community.

Our tour takes in the highlights of Somaliland and parts of Ethiopia.

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Our Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian tours are one of the most incredible and memorable trips you will ever take!

The tour is based on the mammoth Trans Siberian train line and takes in cities such as St Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk, Ulan Bator and Beijing.

We also offer the traditional Trans Siberian route of Moscow to Vladivostok. Our newest journey on this route runs joins up with our North Korea tour, starting in St Petersburg and ending in Pyongyang.

The tours are extremely flexible, allowing you to take as little or as many stops as you wish as well as travelling as a larger group or small private tours.

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